Morgan Broadcasting Industries are the owners and operators of
Big Hits Radio and Big Hits Country. Morgan Broadcasting Industries
has been associated with the radio industry for over 40 years.  

The company has been associated with the radio and television
industries for years and is forever growing and expanding. It has many
plans in the pipeline for more Radio Stations in the future. 

Big Hits Radio and Big Hits Country broadcasts to the world and
promotes Australia.



Col Morgan has been a broadcaster for over 40 years and has a wealth
of experience in all facets of the radio industry.

Bill Burgess has over 50 years of experience in the Radio Industry and
is the other announcer at Big Hits Radio and Big Hits Country.  Bill is
a valued member of the Big Hits team.

Fiona Williams Fiona Williams is a very experienced on air personality.
She has around 25 years of experience in broadcasting. Fiona is a very
bright and pleasant easy to listen to announcer with a personality that
captivates listeners to want more. She can be heard every day in various
timeslots on Big Hits Radio.